Picking a Surgeon

How do you choose the right surgeon? Well, the one thing you don't do is listen to ads and commercials. We've all been bitten by slick advertising agencies promoting goods that don't stand up to the ads. Medical advertising is no different. Agencies are paid to make the procedures and the surgeons look good. By educating yourself on the procedure, as you have done at this site you're half way there!( This has become such a problem that the FDA has set up a web site with information and warnings at free to check the site out). Now, you must educate yourself on your intended surgeon. If you don't want to do the "homework" yourself, you can cheat a little by using certifications of the recognized national societies such as the American Board of Ophthalmology. If your surgeon is Board Certified, he has been trained, tested and certified. If he is fellowship trained in Corneal surgery, he has additional extensive training in all types of "corneal" surgery.These surgeries are, after all, corneal surgeries. If your surgeon has these qualifications and you like and trust him, you're set.

If your surgeon does not have these certifications, then you must find out for yourself what his qualifications are! Ask for specific training documents! Ask for a Curriculum vitae which shows all training since medical school! Ask how much experience he has with "corneal surgeries" and more important complications of corneal surgeries! After all, refractive surgery for nearsightedness and farsightedness is-ssss corneal surgery. Doing a thousand cataract surgeries doesn't necessarily make a good Excimer Laser LASIK surgeon or PRK surgeon! The only way you're going to know is if you ask!
Feel free to use my C.V.( one of the click buttons to the left) as an example. You will see it lists my fellowship in Corneal Disease, my Board Certification, courses I have taken,and courses I have taught. If a doctor won't give you his C.V., as we have, there is probably a reason!

If you educate yourself on the procedure and your surgeon, you will have done all you possibly can do to assure yourself of the best outcome possible for you.